Our vision statement

Make Homeinn hotel Group become the top three hotel management enterprise in global hotel industry

our mission

Leading the way of public traveling and staying in, satisfying customers' staying in needs through our profressional and passionate work

Accommodation as the core, the integration of food, travel, travel, purchase, entertainment resources, all channels to enhance the value of guests, not only good to live, but also fun

Give our "happy and sincere smile" to every customer, colleague and partner

For shareholders to create sustained and stable returns, to undertake corporate citizenship responsibility for the community

Our core competitiveness

Smile power and fusion power

  • Our Values

    Humanism, Integrity, Cooperation, Responsibility, Innovation

  • Humanism

    To enhance the value and experience of "people", to meet the diverse needs of guests, to "happy and sincere smile" to every guest, colleagues and partners

    To create sustained and stable returns for shareholders

  • Honesty

    Honesty and trustworthy is the precondition of everything we do

  • Cooperation

    Including the collaboration with the Homeinn people, Homeinn teams, Homeinn's partners initiatively and correctly, getting a win-win situation

  • Responsibility

    Being charge with our work and the people around , doing our best

  • Innovation

    With an open, inclusive attitude and manner, and actively cross border innovation, to create a customer value ecosystem for the future

Brand promise

We provide a ' home' for our customers at any time and any place on their trips based on understanding varied public traveling needs and it's furture trends all the time.